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Our Vision
A well-recognized entity driven by those who strive for the growth and prosperity of Afghanistan. And also AERC vision is to rebuild the infrastructure of Afghanistan and grow the capacity of Afghans to be ready to hold huge projects in which a major of Afghan population can find jobs and make their future bright.
Our Aim
To provide professional and affordable engineering and technical services including trainings and workshops. Striving for excellence in customer care through coordination with national and international expertise in an effective and efficient manner. AERC is an assembly of well experienced and far sighted Afghan engineers, who are all committed to the reconstruction of the infrastructures of their own country Afghanistan with collaboration of International donors.
AERC Goals
The Rehabilitation and establishment of infrastructures of Afghanistan Capacity development of Afghan engineers and as well as the workforce of Afghan government.
.Job opportunities for the Afghan engineers and students
.Establish and maintain an effective organization for the achievement of our mission.
.To be responsible for employees needs and empower its employees to be productive contributors to our mission.
.Enhance and promote our image as the leader in the profession.
.Establish, promote and recognize standards of professional practice.
.Acquire, maintain and retain the best human resources to ensure premium services.
.Create a staff that is diverse, well trained, enthusiastic and team-oriented.
.Work in partnership with local entities to advance and grow in eastern Missouri.
.Promote a positive relationship with the local community, its agencies and citizens.
Our Values
.Integrity - Maintain constant adherence to a strict moral and ethical code
.Professionalism - Conduct ourselves as dedicated professionals
.Accountability - Hold ourselves responsible for our daily craft
.Excellence - Strive to do better than ordinary
.Commitment - Pledge to meet the needs of our customers
.Teamwork - Cultivate a climate to encourage a cooperative multinational effort
.Respect - Appreciate and treat all individuals with courtesy and dignity
.Honesty - Uphold truthfulness and fairness in dealing with others
Mission Statement
Our mission is to create an environment for national and international professional engineers, trainers and mentors to share their knowledge and expertise with clients through application of modern management techniques and provision of high quality services that help them to boost capacity and improve organizational performance, specifically in the post-conflict development context of Afghanistan. We provide our clients with practical and effective engineering services and trainings that will meet the national and international market demands, based on both traditional as well as innovative methods, matching on-the-ground realities.


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